Build your business legally, without the overwhelm.

We service small businesses, entrepreneurs & start-ups in all stages of the business lifecycle. Including incorporation, start-up foundations, growth by scaling, acquisition or financing & exit by sale or IPO. We believe that a strong legal foundation facilitates a profitable exit plan and established legal processes make for smooth transactions.







Incorporation & Formation

Set up c-corporations, s-corporations, limited liability companies or non-profit entities for your business. 

Start-Up Services

Legally structure your business to grow with your business plan. Strategic legal and business services allow you to get your idea off the ground, lay a foundation for founders and build your team for continued growth and success. 

Contract Drafting & Review

Contracts are integral to business relationships, often providing necessary functions and materials. Our firm drafts, negotiates and reviews contracts with an eye for your company's rights, risks and obligations, helping to avoid potential disputes in the future and foster healthy business relationships.

Mergers, Acquisitions &

Joint Ventures

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are common ways to grow and exit your business. Ferlito Law offers strategic advice, due diligence, transaction drafting and review, so you can take care of business with peace of mind.

Outside General Counsel Services

Starting a business is a big investment of time, money and effort. Strategic legal and business services are fundamental to success. Services may include contract drafting and review, legal advisement on business transactions, protecting intellectual property, corporate start-up and structuring services & much more. 

Toxic Convertible Debt Solutions & Restructuring

The firm offers unique, tailored restructurings to public microcap issuers with convertible debt on the books. Restructurings often include:revitalized cap table, debt remediation via debt to equity exchange, creation of new classes of stock and litigation plans when necessary. Learn More.

Founder's Legal Library

Individual contracts, contract packages & stand-alone clauses

We understand that bootstrapped, early stage companies don't always have the funds or cashflow to dedicate to legal. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to lawyer-drafted legal documents that walk you step by step through how, when and why to use each document. Browse our collection of packaged and individual contract templates.

General Counsel Memberships

Have you ever wished you could have an in-house attorney for day to day business and legal questions, but can't afford in house counsel or an expensive hourly rate retainer? We provide legal advisory services for a monthly, flat fee. 

The beauty of having a lawyer on your team [for a fraction of the price]


Our general counsel memberships are designed to provide you stand-by access to an attorney for any legal question that you might have relating to your business.  


You can submit inquiries at any time of the day, or night, at your convenience and based on your business needs. My policy is to respond to your inquiries within 48 hours (but in reality, response time is typically much faster).


With our program you make one, up-front payment each month in order to get unlimited email access to me and valuable phone/strategy time. Plus research.


That means even if you just reach out with one issue, you are likely to have gotten your money's worth for the month, given what it would normally cost to have an attorney research and speak with you on a specific issue. Plus 100 pages of contract review included with annual plans, and MORE!


Startegy for your busness

Peace of mind

Focus on revenue buidling

Attorney access

Ongoing legal advice

Executive legal presence



Need to talk to an attorney for a specific business question?

Sometimes people just need some direction in their business. You can ask specific questions or ask about general business information. Get advice on your business strategy or help with aspects of your business plan.


 Don't let your business get stuck on that burning legal question. Purchase one-off 60-minute sessions to business owners and individuals dealing with businesses.


So go ahead - fill out the form and schedule a time!




We’re on a mission to provide business owners reach goals and live dreams without a gigantic legal bill, by providing you with the most sought-after legal information and business guidance.


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